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(1984 – 2024)

40 years of innovation and community building

Pioneers in the field of helping people become a better version of themselves

If you want to better yourself, you will know that Personal awareness is your crucial step for self-improvement and success. Understanding yourself enables better decision-making, effective communication, and enhanced relationships.

Founded in 1984, we are a pioneer in this area with the aim to help you improve awareness level. Today, we serve millions of people world-wide by helping them discover their blindspots and where they are good at.

Over the years, our commitment to you has garnered accolades, testimonials, and partnerships with Fortune 500 clients.

Our affiliations underscore the industry’s recognition of our impact on personal growth and organizational success.

By making self-awareness universally accessible to you, we contribute to a more aware, empowered, and harmonious world.

Whether you are trying to find your direction or an organization trying to achieve a breakthrough, we are here for you.

IDENTI3 awarded ‘Winner of BEST Psychometric Tool’ and ‘Finalist in Best TEAM Building Provider Award’

  • To help everyone achieve their greatness

Our vision is to empower individuals to unlock their full potential, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. We aim to cultivate a community where each person’s unique talents are recognized and nurtured.

  • Discover
  • Awaken
  • Transform

Our mission revolves around guiding individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and transformation. We provide essential tools for self-awareness, empowering individuals to navigate their journey of personal growth, ensuring a positive and lasting transformation in their lives.

  • We bring out the best in people

Our tagline, “We bring out the best in people,” encapsulates our unwavering commitment to uplifting individuals to their highest potential.

Perfect8, a facet of IDENTI3, is a swift and powerful self-awareness tool, requiring just 8 questions and under 5 minutes.

IDENTI5 aids organizations in revealing dysfunction by revealing five crucial pillars essential for smooth and efficient operational capabilities.

The Center for Building Teams utilizes IDENTI3 tools and techniques to assist organizations in training and fostering teamwork, enhancing collaboration, and boosting productivity within their workforce.

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