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Accreditation for IDENTI3 Profiling

Our accreditation is divided into the following levels. Click to find out more:

“The Administrator module showed me how to issue OTP, retrieve results and set advance features on the IDENTI3 platform.”

Amy, HR Administrator

To administer the IDENTI3 profiling tools to recipients, it is essential to possess administrator knowledge.

This includes understanding tasks such as logging in, generating One-Time Passwords, communicating password information to recipients, and retrieving reports.

It’s important to note that the Administrator module does not cover the skills needed to read and interpret reports. For guidance on reading and interpreting reports, please consult the Foundation and Intermediate levels.

“The way the accreditation is divided allowed me to gain insights into IDENTI3 without being overwhelmed.”

Magdelena, HR Manager

In this Foundation module of acquiring proficiency in IDENTI3 profiling, you’ll delve into essential technical terms crucial for psychometrics. The curriculum covers the historical aspects of psychometrics and elucidates how IDENTI3 profiling synergizes with other tools. Additionally, the program delves into the scientific underpinnings of IDENTI3, exploring its validity, techniques for identifying error profiles, and a comprehensive understanding of the 16 traits.

Furthermore, the course addresses traits that may cause confusion, imparts skills on interpreting profiles, and provides insights on utilizing IDENTI3 for coaching, hiring, and training purposes. You’ll also receive guidance on preparing for the foundation assessment.

“The foundation and intermediate levels prepare me on the instruments. My next levels are to learn how to coach and train with IDENTI3 methodologies.”

Amy, HR and Coach

In the Intermediate Accreditation, you will grasp six competencies, encompassing comprehension of correlations, recognition of trapped and conflicted behaviors, techniques for overlapping profiles, utilization of team mapping features, and an in-depth understanding of the IDENTI3 Types.

“IDENTI3 clever coaching methodology is far more effective and efficient compared to the other certifications I have taken.”

Julie, Certified Coach

“I had so much fun. So did my learners when I used IDENTI3 profiling for team building and soft skills training.”

Malcolm, Certified Trainer

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