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Self-Study: IDENTI3 Foundation Accreditation

The IDENTI3 Foundation course serves as the initial stage of the IDENTI3 Accreditation program, offering essential knowledge to Certified Coaches and Trainers. It covers the theoretical underpinnings of the tool, providing a solid understanding of its principles and applications.

Course Information

In this Foundation module of acquiring proficiency in IDENTI3 profiling, you’ll delve into essential technical terms crucial for psychometrics. The curriculum covers the historical aspects of psychometrics and elucidates how IDENTI3 profiling synergizes with other tools. Additionally, the program delves into the scientific underpinnings of IDENTI3, exploring its validity, techniques for identifying error profiles, and a comprehensive understanding of the 16 traits.

Furthermore, the course addresses traits that may cause confusion, imparts skills on interpreting profiles, and provides insights on utilizing IDENTI3 for coaching, hiring, and training purposes. You’ll also receive guidance on preparing for the foundation assessment.

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • Lesson One – Psychometric Terminologies
  • Lesson Two – Understanding Different Types of Assessment Tests
  • Lesson Three – History of Psychometrics
  • Lesson Four – IDENTI3’s Theoretical Framework
  • Lesson Five – Understanding Validity of IDENTI3 Tools
  • Lesson Six – Understanding the different IDENTI3 products
  • Lesson Seven – Understanding parts of the Basic Report
  • Lesson Eight – How IDENTI3 complement other tools
  • Lesson Nine – Understanding IDENTI3’s 16 traits
  • Lesson Ten – Demystify the 16 traits
  • Lesson Eleven – Understanding the Red Flags in Reports
  • Lesson Twelve – Understanding what are Profile Consistency Scores
  • Lesson Thirteen – How to troubleshoot Red Flagged Results
  • Lesson Fourteen – Preparation before Profile Reading
  • Lesson Fifteen – Examples of Profile Reading
  • Lesson Sixteen – How to read a Profile
  • Lesson Seventeen – Sentences you can use when reading Profiles
  • Lesson Eighteen – Further understanding of human behaviors
  • Lesson Nineteen – Understanding the T.A.S.K model in hiring/ coaching, training
  • Lesson Twenty – Preparation for Foundation Level Assessment

Course Instructor


Official IDENTI3 Administrator

Foundation Accreditation

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