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A Weekend of Connections and Innovations: IDENTI3 Coaches Meet-Up

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27th April 2024, Singapore – An exciting meet-up of #IDENTI3#coaches. If you’re not familiar, IDENTI3 is all about coaching, #personality#profiling, and now, cutting-edge #AItechnology.

First off, picture a cozy cafe buzzing with energy and filled with a mix of familiar faces @yannie.yong Yong, @khyla_raman@usharaman8 , @cheah.michael and new ones. That was our scene—a perfect blend of camaraderie and curiosity.

One of the fresh faces was Vivien Ong, brimming with enthusiasm as she had just signed up for the Foundational course. It’s always refreshing to have newcomers injecting that burst of excitement into the community!

Now, let’s talk about a heavyweight in the education tech world — Martin Dougiamas, the brain behind Moodle. Yes, you read that right! Martin graced our gathering, and what’s he up to these days? Well, he’s diving deep into new AI tech that can revolutionize coaching as we know it. Imagine the possibilities when AI meets coaching expertise—it’s a match made in innovation heaven!

But wait, there’s more! took the stage to unveil something truly intriguing — the new Personality Cards designed to complement #IDENTI3profiling. The room was abuzz with anticipation, and as Jace revealed the magic of these cards, it was nothing short of a hit! Who doesn’t love a good sneak peek into something fresh and exciting?

As conversations flowed, ideas sparked, and laughter filled the air, it became evident that this meet-up wasn’t just about networking or sharing insights—it was about building a vibrant community passionate about growth and innovation.

It’s moments like these that remind us why we love what we do.
The best part? The diversity of perspectives and expertise in the room. From seasoned coaches to budding enthusiasts, everyone brought something unique to the table.

#coachinglife #lifecoach #careercoach #positivepsychology

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