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The World’s First Psychometric with only 8 questions

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IDENTI3 stands as the globe’s most effective and efficient psychometric tool, delivering a comprehensive insight into your personality, strengths, and weaknesses in just 8 questions, completed within 5 minutes.

Why keep it long when you can keep it short?

Perfect8 by IDENTI3 proudly stands as the briefest and most effective psychometric tool globally, comprising only 8 questions and wrapping up in under 5 minutes.

IDENTI3 Perfect8 proves highly effective by revealing 16 traits and 8 types, offering a holistic approach applicable to personal development, relationships, counseling, team building, and organizational diagnostics, ensuring comprehensive insights.

IDENTI3 uniquely addresses strengths and blind spots, setting it apart from tools that solely focus on uncovering strengths, providing a comprehensive self-awareness experience.

IDENTI3 Profiling proudly engages in scientific and unbiased blind tests, a testament to the unparalleled accuracy of our tools even with strangers.

These meticulously conducted assessments exemplify IDENTI3’s commitment to precision and reliability, transcending preconceived notions. By subjecting our profiling tools to unbiased scrutiny, we underscore their effectiveness in revealing genuine insights. The blind tests provide an objective lens through which IDENTI3’s capabilities shine, showcasing our dedication to scientific rigor in personality assessment.

As strangers undergo this process, the results speak volumes about the robustness and accuracy of IDENTI3 tools in decoding diverse personalities.

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This is to confirm our satisfaction on IDENTI3 Profiling Tool. IDENTI3 has a user-friendly pictogram that quickly and easily present a great amount of information that allowed the management to assess individual’s strength, competency for personal development and understanding of behavioral for change management.

Shari Boston
Planning Director, Merck Sharpe Dome

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“IDENTI3 has helped my relationship”

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Embarking on a dynamic collaboration, IDENTI3 Profiling and conducted an extensive study involving 11,037 respondents, unraveling compelling insights into the Singaporean workforce in 2018. This groundbreaking partnership delves into the intricacies of professional dynamics, shedding light on key trends and behaviors that shape the employment landscape. 

  • The fundamental distinction in the ratio of leaders on a global scale compared to that within Singapore.
  • How diverse personalities find success across different stages of their careers.
  • The degrees of empathy at different ages and life stages among individuals in Singapore.

Purchase this report if you want to excel as an individual, making all the right moves, or as a Coach, making use of this data as a competitive advantage when you coach others.

Exploring the intricate interplay between attachment styles and IDENTI3 traits unveils a compelling narrative of how childhood development intricately shapes adult personality and behaviors. This study delves into the profound connections, illustrating how early attachment experiences imprint distinct IDENTI3 traits that persist into adulthood. 

By unraveling these correlations, we gain profound insights into the lasting impact of early relationships on an individual’s psychological makeup. This groundbreaking research not only enhances our understanding of human development but also paves the way for targeted interventions, fostering healthier attachments and influencing positive transformations in adult personalities and behaviors.

  • Winner of BEST Psychometric Provider of the Year
  • Finalist of Team Building Provider of the Year

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