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A bad hire can disrupt organizational harmony, causing low productivity, heightened conflicts, and increased office politics. The detrimental impact often extends to high staff turnover, diminishing morale and team cohesion.

This domino effect culminates in decreased profitability, as resources are drained on recruitment, training, and replacement processes.

Ultimately, organizations bear the burden of financial losses and damaged reputation, underscoring the critical importance of meticulous hiring practices for sustained success and a thriving work environment.

When someone is in the wrong job fit, they may exhibit various symptoms that indicate dissatisfaction, stress, and overall discomfort in their work environment. Here are some common signs (Click to expand):

  • Decreased enthusiasm and motivation for work tasks.
  • Procrastination and difficulty initiating or completing assignments.
  • Frequent feelings of stress and anxiety related to work.
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, or insomnia.
  • Expressing dissatisfaction with the job and its responsibilities.
  • Feeling unfulfilled and unrewarded despite efforts.
  • Struggling to fulfill basic work quality
  • Decline in job performance and productivity.
  • Lack of interest in company activities or events.
  • Social withdrawal from colleagues and team members.
  • Developing a negative attitude towards work and colleagues.
  • Complaints about the job or company becoming more frequent.
  • An increase in physical health problems, such as headaches, stomach issues, or fatigue.
  • Weakened immune system leading to more frequent illnesses.
  • Feeling underpaid or undervalued for the work being performed.
  • Perceiving a lack of fair compensation for effort and contributions.
  • Experiencing symptoms of burnout, such as emotional exhaustion and a sense of inefficacy.
  • Feeling drained and overwhelmed by work demands.

It’s important to note that experiencing one or more of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean someone is in the wrong job fit. However, if these signs persist and significantly impact one’s well-being, it may be worth considering a reassessment of the job fit and exploring potential changes in the career path.

Just like a thermometer to give you quantitative insights, Psychometric tools are assessments designed to measure individuals’ cognitive abilities, personality traits, and emotional intelligence.

This data-driven approach enhances the likelihood of making informed hiring decisions, improving the overall quality of the workforce and fostering long-term success.

Psychometrics in hiring offers objective insights into candidates’ abilities and traits, aiding in informed decisions, reducing biases, and optimizing the match between individuals and job requirements.

Objective Assessment: Psychometric profiling provides an objective and standardized method to assess candidates, minimizing biases in the hiring process and promoting fair evaluations based on data-driven insights.

Cost Savings: Implementing psychometric tools proves cost-effective for organizations by curbing staff turnover and boosting productivity. These tools enhance hiring precision, aligning candidates with job requirements, ultimately minimizing recruitment and training expenses while fostering a more efficient and stable workforce.

Enhanced Predictive Validity: By measuring cognitive abilities, personality traits, and emotional intelligence, psychometric tools offer a more accurate prediction of how well candidates will perform in specific roles, contributing to better-informed hiring decisions.

During the recruitment or selection process, psychometric assessments offer insights into candidates that traditional methods, like interviews alone, may struggle to capture accurately. These assessments also provide valuable information for tailoring onboarding, ongoing management, and development strategies.

Poor Company Performance or High Staff Turnover: When hiring results falter, organizations should turn to psychometric tools to enhance objectivity, identify suitable candidates, and align personnel with roles more effectively for improved outcomes.

Critical Roles or Specialized Positions: Organizations should use psychometric science when hiring for critical roles or specialized positions where specific cognitive abilities, personality traits, or emotional intelligence are crucial for success, ensuring a more targeted selection process.

Large-scale Recruitment: In situations involving high-volume hiring, such as recruitment drives or expansion phases, psychometric tools streamline the screening process, helping organizations efficiently assess a large number of candidates while maintaining a focus on key competencies.

Perfect8 comprises just 8 validated questions, taking under 5 minutes, yet yields 16 traits and 8 archetypes. This minimizes respondent fatigue, enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness in profiling.

And 8 ArchetypesAnd 8 Archetypes

Compare the results of two respondents with a click of a button and find out how they synergies or conflict.

The IDENTI3 Job-Fit Index allows you to preset parameters based on the job description and match these values with the candidates you are interviewing.

The Team Mapping Features allow you to map out the similarities or differences of up to 7 pax in your team.

This is to confirm our satisfaction on IDENTI3 Profiling Tool.

IDENTI3 has a user-friendly pictogram that quickly and easily present a great amount of information that allowed the management to assess individual’s strength, competency for personal development and understanding of behavioral for change management.”

– Shari Boston, Planning Director, Merck Sharpe Dome

“Our team had an awesome time during yesterday’s IDENTI3 session.

It was extremely insightful and useful as a tool for us to better our work and people relationships.”

– Tzu Bing, VP of Private Bank I Raffles Place, UOB Bank

“The IDENTI3 tool has helped me understand my team members very well, their inclination, values and preferences. It has helped me hire the right employees and also help me resolved conflicts in my team.”

– Kelvin Kong, Sales Capabilities Leader, SEA, Unilever
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APTA Bioscience



Defense Collective


DBS Bank



Caterpillar Cove

Cengage Learning

Changi Airport – AES


CIBA Vision 

Cycle and Carriage



Elliot Turbo

EuroRSCG Advertising


Fastjobs (STjobs)

Fuji Xerox

Fullerton Hotel

Fresh Direct

FMC Technologies

GuccoLand Limited 

Health Sciences Authority (HSA)

Hewlett Packard

Hemsley Design Holdings 

Hitachi Aquatech

Hill & Knowlton 

Horizon Terminal

Hoyu Hair Coloring

IMC Shipping

IKEA Home Furnishings 

Jason Electronics

Johnson & Johnson

Jobscentral/ JobsFactory

Kaplan Higher Education 


Kulicke and Soffa


Louis Vuitton

Little Skool House


Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Mendaki Sense

Maersk Shipping

Merck Sharpe Dome (MSD)

Ministry of Defense (Mindef)

National Environment Agency (NEA)

National Health Group

NTUC Care and Share


NTUC Learning Hub


PSB Academy


People’s Association (Sembawang)

Philips Electronics


Procter and Gamble

Power Seraya

Regent Hotel


SBS Transit

Standard Chartered Bank

Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Singapore Discovery Center 

Singapore Management University (SMU)

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIM)


Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)

Sony Electronics 

Toho Japan

Touch Childcare

Total Oil

Toppan Photomask


UOB Bank 

VISA International 

Workforce Development Agency (WDA)

Yahoo Singapore

YTL Power Seraya

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