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Self-Study: Administrator Knowledge

The IDENTI3 Administrator course is an integral component of the broader IDENTI3 Accreditation program. It is available both as a standalone option for administrators and as part of the training for Certified Coaches and Trainers. This course equips participants with the skills to efficiently manage accounts and oversee the processes of issuing, retrieving, and printing respondent results.

Course Information

The IDENTI3 Administrator course offers comprehensive training in how to operate the backend of IDENTI3 profiling. Participants will delve into topics on how to create One-Time Passwords, communicating password information to recipients, retrieving results as well as using the full features found on the website. Practical exercises ensure proficiency in the system.

It’s important to note that the Administrator module does not cover the skills needed to read and interpret reports. For guidance on reading and interpreting reports, please consult the Foundation and Intermediate levels.

  • Lesson One – Quick Start Guide
  • Lesson Two – Navigating around your Admin Panel
  • Lesson Three – Tracking activities using the LOG files
  • Lesson Four – Using the Overlapping features
  • Lesson Five – Creating Folders and Housekeeping
  • Lesson Six – Using the Team Mapping Features
  • Lesson Seven – Using the Job-Fit Index
  • Lesson Eight – Adding additional recipients to receive completed reports
  • Lesson Nine – Giving verbal instructions to recipients

Course Instructor


Official IDENTI3 Administrator


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