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Getting people to work together in a dynamic, healthy team is one of the biggest challenges in management.
Resentment, refusal to cooperate, lack of motivation – these are common symptoms of failed teams.

Low productivity can cost your organizations USD 20,000 – 100,000 monthly depending on your company size, type and industry.

The biggest misconception is mistaking team bonding activities as a way to build teams.

Team building is a systematic process of bringing disparate individuals together and enabling them to work together to achieve common goals while Team Bonding are physical activities that distract people from real problems. 

As the organization charts a new course with fresh goals and direction, it faces the dual challenge of intensified market competition and shifts in the operating environment. However, there’s a notable hurdle as some staff members are resistant to these changes, underscoring the need for effective change management strategies to align the workforce with the evolving landscape and ensure a smooth transition towards the organization’s new objectives.

The staff’s avoidance of work responsibilities, engagement in office politics, non-collaborative tendencies, and a lack of self-awareness highlight the need for collective introspection and a more cohesive approach to foster a positive and productive work environment.

The organization faces a challenge as staff exhibit signs of discontent, expressing dissatisfaction with both the organization and interdepartmental relationships. Furthermore, the integration of new staff with existing employees is lacking, contributing to a high turnover rate.

This discontent is evident in the increased consumption of sick leave, pointing to a need for comprehensive strategies to improve workplace morale, foster team cohesion, and address the underlying issues leading to dissatisfaction and high turnover.

Ignoring problems doesn’t make them vanish; instead, they tend to escalate, potentially reaching a critical point where they jeopardize team goals. Addressing issues promptly is crucial to prevent complications and maintain a healthy and productive team environment.

Team building for DBSchenker In Japan for Participants from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore
Team building for Koelnmesse Singapore
Team Building for Organization Merger and Acquisition
Visioning Exercise for Burger King
Team Building and Alignment for Ansync Group of companies

“It is very good and well-organised for 2 days. Trainers handled the activities very well. The Style of training was very good. It was not forceful or pushy.”

—  Steve Matsumura, General Manager, Cengage Learning, JAPAN

“Hi Jace, Just wanted to say thank you for spending the day with us last Friday in Bangkok.

I believe the entire team enjoyed the activities, and to see their personal profile was an eye opener for many of them. 
At the very least there is now a better understanding of each other, and the dynamics within the teams and the entire office.”​

— Mathias Küpper, MD & VP APAC, Koelnmesse Pte Ltd

“The interactive platform was useful for the virtual team building.”​

— Dr Charis Ng, Head, A-STAR

“Happy to share that the team bonding workshops have been well received and staff has feedback that the profiling tool is easy to comprehend.”

— Bernice Yeo, Learning & OD Lead, PowerSeraya Pte. Limited

“Our Team had an awesome time during yesterday’s session. It was extremely insightful and useful as a tool for us to better our work and people relationships” 

—  Tzu Bing, VP of Private Banking, UOB BANK

“The Team Building session has helped me understand my team members, their inclination, values and preferences.”​

—  Kelvin Kong, Sales Capabilities, UNILEVER

We focus on the essential building blocks of a good team

The erosion of trust leads to a dysfunctional team. Center for Building Teams specializes in rebuilding trust within teams through targeted strategies, fostering open communication, collaboration, and a positive team culture. Trust is foundational, and our approach ensures teams thrive with restored confidence, harmony, and shared goals.

Raising awareness and fostering self-discovery are catalysts for enhancing team collaboration. When team members understand themselves and their colleagues better, communication improves, and a harmonious work environment emerges. This self-awareness promotes empathy and cohesion, bridging gaps and fostering a more collaborative and productive team dynamic.

Effective communication is the bedrock of successful team building. It aligns goals, enhances understanding, and promotes trust among team members. Open and transparent communication fosters collaboration, resolves conflicts, and creates a cohesive environment where ideas flow freely, propelling the team towards shared objectives with clarity and unity.

  • Highly interactive
  • Mature in approach (no silly games)
  • Our Unique Difference
  • In our program, every component is highly interactive and mature in its approach.
  • Use of psychometrics and diagnostic instruments to provide a qualitative and scientific approach
  • Scenario based learning 
  • Problem Solving Cases
  • Use of real-life studies and role play
  • Use of experiential activities to bring about understanding of concepts and applications
  • Group discussion and project work
  • One-to-one coaching

Creating awareness that team members are individuals with specific strengths and weaknesses, and build trust among one another.

  • Use of Psychometric Profiling
  • Introduction to blindspots
  • Understanding team members are different from us
  • Understanding communication preferences

Further enhancing of team collaboration by explaining each other’s Strengths

  • Understanding the dynamics of the team 
  • Learn how to leverage one another’s strengths through IDENTI3 types 
  • Collaboration through experiential activities

*Module 2 must follow after module 1

Identifying organization’s dysfunction and alignment

  • Aligning organizational vision and personal objectives
  •  Identifying dysfunction within organization and teams

Creating an Enlightened Team for your organization

  • Team members learn to grow together and understand how each plays a role that contributes to the organization’s goals. 
  • Dealing with change and evolving to become an integrated part of the team’s daily function.

Trusted by more than 2,000 companies worldwide

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APTA Bioscience



Defense Collective


DBS Bank



Caterpillar Cove

Cengage Learning

Changi Airport – AES


CIBA Vision 

Cycle and Carriage



Elliot Turbo

EuroRSCG Advertising


Fastjobs (STjobs)

Fuji Xerox

Fullerton Hotel

Fresh Direct

FMC Technologies

GuccoLand Limited 

Health Sciences Authority (HSA)

Hewlett Packard

Hemsley Design Holdings 

Hitachi Aquatech

Hill & Knowlton 

Horizon Terminal

Hoyu Hair Coloring

IMC Shipping

IKEA Home Furnishings 

Jason Electronics

Johnson & Johnson

Jobscentral/ JobsFactory

Kaplan Higher Education 


Kulicke and Soffa


Louis Vuitton

Little Skool House


Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Mendaki Sense

Maersk Shipping

Merck Sharpe Dome (MSD)

Ministry of Defense (Mindef)

National Environment Agency (NEA)

National Health Group

NTUC Care and Share


NTUC Learning Hub


PSB Academy


People’s Association (Sembawang)

Philips Electronics


Procter and Gamble

Power Seraya

Regent Hotel


SBS Transit

Standard Chartered Bank

Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Singapore Discovery Center 

Singapore Management University (SMU)

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIM)


Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)

Sony Electronics 

Toho Japan

Touch Childcare

Total Oil

Toppan Photomask


UOB Bank 

VISA International 

Workforce Development Agency (WDA)

Yahoo Singapore

YTL Power Seraya

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