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IDENTI3 Unveils Revolutionary Personality Cards for Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

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Singapore, 28th May 2024 – IDENTI3, a pioneering psychometric company known for its innovative approaches to self-awareness, has launched a groundbreaking tool to help individuals gain deeper insights into their personalities. The new IDENTI3 personality cards provide a unique and experiential way for respondents to understand themselves better, while also empowering coaches and trainers to assist their trainees in the self-discovery journey.

Unlike traditional psychometric assessments, IDENTI3’s approach combines insightful questions with tangible cards that respondents can physically interact with. This interactive experience allows individuals to explore their behaviors, strengths, and blind spots in a more engaging and personalized manner.

“At IDENTI3, we believe that self-awareness is the cornerstone of personal and professional growth,” said Jace Tan, Director of IDENTI3. “Our personality cards are designed to make the process of self-discovery both insightful and enjoyable. By picking up cards that reflect their IDENTI3 results and exploring correlations between their answers, individuals can uncover valuable insights about themselves.”

The IDENTI3 personality cards are particularly beneficial for coaches, trainers, and HR professionals who work with individuals or teams to enhance performance and development. These professionals can leverage the cards to facilitate meaningful discussions, identify areas for improvement, and tailor coaching strategies to each individual’s unique needs.

“We are excited to introduce this innovative tool to the market,” added Tan. “IDENTI3 is committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional psychometrics and providing cutting-edge solutions that empower individuals to unlock their full potential. This will be first of the many decks of cards. We will be launching different types of cards meant for Coaching, Relationships, Team Building and others.”

Close-up of IDENTI3 Personality Cards in use

Key features of the IDENTI3 personality cards include:

  1. Correlation Insights: By mixing and matching their answers, individuals can uncover correlations that reveal strengths and blind spots.
  2. Self-Reflection: Respondents can explore their behaviors and tendencies through hands-on activities with the cards.
  3. Coaching and Training Support: Coaches, trainers, and HR professionals can use the cards to enhance their sessions and provide personalized guidance.
  4. Linked to online classes: Cards are linked to online classes to help learners understand how to use it as well as courses that can help them bridge their skill gaps.
Click to view how IDENTI3 Personality Cards work

The IDENTI3 personality cards are now available for purchase and use. At the launch, the cards are available without accompanying profiling. They are priced at the following, inclusive of worldwide shipping:

  • 1 x set = USD 36 (Usual Price USD 49; save USD 13)
  • 2 x sets = USD 60 (Usual Price USD 72; save USD 12)
  • 20 x sets = USD 440 (Usual Price USD 7,20; save USD 280)
  • 50 x sets = USD 900 (Usual Price USD 1,800; save USD 900)

Make your purchase here.

About IDENTI3: IDENTI3 is a leading psychometric company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve greater self-awareness, personal growth, and performance improvement. With a focus on innovation, IDENTI3 develops cutting-edge tools and methodologies that empower individuals to understand themselves better and reach their full potential.

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