10 Questions to ask yourself about your Relationship (Full – 10 Qns)

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Introducing our comprehensive relationship assessment questionnaire—a powerful tool designed to illuminate the dynamics of your relationship.

Delve into crucial aspects like communication, trust, and shared goals. Gain valuable insights to strengthen your connection and foster a healthier, happier relationship journey.

With all of the 10 carefully crafted questions resembling therapeutic sessions, you can record up to 5 minutes of video per question. Our advanced system assesses both spoken words and facial expressions, providing valuable insights into your emotional state.

Uncover the dynamics of your romantic relationship, gain self-awareness, and embark on a journey of realization and self-discovery with our powerful facial expression recognition product.

The following are the questions that your Digital Therapist will ask you:

Q Description
1 Hello there, I am your digital therapist. I am here to help you. We are here to talk about your relationship. 

Tell me, in detail, how did you meet the person? How long have you been together?

2 Psychological safety is one of the key factors in a relationship. Tell me, do you feel safe with your partner? Why is this so? 

Rate using the scale below. Use ‘1’ for unsafe and ‘10 for feeling safe. 

How does he/ she make you feel this way? 

3 What are the three things that you liked about the other person? What are the three things that you dislike about him/ her?

Are you generally happy in the relationship? Rate using the scale below. Use ‘1’ for unhappy and ‘10 for happy.

4 Thank you for sharing about your relationship. 

When we are in a relationship, we may worry about our partner’s view of us. Our partner may also expect us to fulfill a certain role. 

Tell me, can you be yourself when you are with the person you are seeing? Or do you feel that you have to pretend to be someone else when he/she is present?

In contrast, do you think your partner is authentic in front of you? 

5 Communication is vital when two people are in a relationship. 

Can you tell them how you really feel?

When is the best time for a conversation? When is the worst time? Tell me all about it. 

Rate using the scale below. Use ‘1’ for No Communication and ‘10 for Great Communication.

6 What similarities do you have in common? What differences keep you apart? 

What are the conflicts that keep recurring? 

Tell me, how do you resolve conflicts when they occur?

7 Some partners may require excessive attention while others require so little that they appear cold at times. 

How would you describe yourself and your partner in terms of your needs for emotional closeness? Who needs more attention and who is happy with very little? Can you give an example?  

8 Making time for each other and having empathy are crucial. 

Tell me, do you listen to each other’s concerns?

When was the time when he/she listened or did not listen? In contrast, what have you heard of his/ her concerns?

9 Trust is one of the fundamental building blocks of a relationship. 

Tell me, how much do you trust him/her? What are the little things that your partner does/ does not do to make you feel this way? 

Rate using the scale below. Use ‘1’ for ‘Distrust’ and ‘10 for ’Trust’.

10 A healthy relationship is one that is balanced. 

Do you hold as much power in the relationship as your partner?

Why do you feel this way? Can you share some examples?


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