Self Assessment for PTSD (Full – 10 Questions)

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This concise and user-friendly questionnaire empowers individuals and healthcare professionals alike to identify early signs of PTSD, enabling timely interventions and personalized support.

This module consists of all of the 8 carefully crafted questions, replicating real therapeutic sessions. Simply record up to 5 minutes of video per question, and our advanced system will accurately analyze your emotional state, providing you with comprehensive feedback.

Gain profound insights into your feelings, thoughts, and well-being as you engage in this transformative self-discovery journey.

The following are the questions that your Digital Therapist will ask you:

Qn Description
1 Hello there, I am your digital therapist here to help you. 

Tell me, what was your last disturbing and unwanted experience? Were there a number of people involved? Where, when and how did it happen? 

2 Help me understand the stress that you are currently facing: 

When you are awake, how often do you have flashbacks or experienced reliving the stressful experience? Can you describe what these flashbacks are about?

3 I sincerely sympathize with your situation. 

Are you getting repeated or disturbing dreams of the unwanted experience? How often does it happen? What are these dreams about? 

4 Thank you for your earlier answer. 

Tell me, how do you react when something reminds you of the stressful experience? When, where and how does this reminder occur? Is there a pattern to this? 

5 Tell me, do you notice strong physical reactions when something, someone or something reminds you of the stressful experience? 

Tell me if you have heart pounding, tightness of chest, difficulty breathing, excessive sweating are part of these strong physical reactions. Are there any other physical reactions? 

6 When an disturbing experience occurs, we may start to experience forgetfulness. 

Tell me if this has happened to you? Can you describe a time when you experienced forgetfulness, memory loss relating to this stressful experience? When, where and what was this memory loss about? 

7 Tell me if your daily life has been affected since the disturbing experience took place. How has it changed?

Have you avoided people, places, activities, conversations to avoid reminders of the stressful experience? 

Can you share some examples of the occasion when you feel highly tense, watchful, alert or on guard?

8 A disturbing experience is most often unexpected. 

Do you blame yourself or someone for the stressful experience? Can you share what comes to mind? 

How did strong negative feelings such as fear, horror, anger, guilt, or shame affect you?

Do you see a pattern in this?



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