Talk to a Digital Therapist about Childhood Trauma (Full – 10 questions)

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Eleos Sensor, a groundbreaking self-help tool, harnesses the power of facial expressions and speech-to-text analysis to assist individuals dealing with Childhood Trauma.

By analyzing emotions and providing insights through these cues, it empowers users to gain a deeper understanding of their emotional responses.

With this self-awareness, users can take proactive steps toward healing and recovery, making Eleos Sensor an invaluable ally in the journey towards overcoming the lasting impact of Childhood Trauma.

The following are the questions that your Digital Therapist will ask you:

Q Description
1 Hello there, I am your digital therapist here to help you. 

Can you tell me about your earliest memories from childhood? What stands out to you about that time?

2 Were there any specific events or situations in your childhood that you found particularly difficult or upsetting?
3 How would you describe your relationship with your parents or caregivers during your childhood?
4 Were there any significant changes or disruptions in your family or living situation during your childhood?
5 Did you ever feel unsafe or threatened during your childhood? If so, can you describe those situations?
6 How did you cope with stress or difficult emotions as a child?
7 Did you have any support systems or individuals who were particularly important to you during your childhood?
8 What impact do you think your childhood experiences have had on your adult life and relationships?
9 Have you ever experienced symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, or intrusive thoughts related to your childhood trauma?
10 How do you currently manage stress and difficult emotions in your life?

Is there anything else you would like to share with me about your childhood trauma ?


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  • Please use Google Chrome to access the questionnaire.
  • Please note that wearing spectacles or face masks will affect the accuracy of results.
  • It is important to speak clearly and audibly for the speech-to-text recognition to work.
  • Upon completing the questionnaire, it may take 2 to 24 hours for your video results to be processed.
  • If you require any assistance, please contact us with the form on the website.

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