Team Building for Couples


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Discovering someone special and falling in love, one enters a relationship with hopes for the best. However, as intimacy deepens, signs of toxicity emerge, leading to a recurring pattern regardless of the partner. While initially promising, relationships often cycle back to familiar struggles.

The enigmatic nature of love and relationships prompts introspection. Yet, this cycle can be broken. It’s rooted in our human design and can be altered with conscious effort. Many experts now advocate for relationship education over traditional therapy for struggling couples. Learning the essential skills for relationship success is key, as love alone isn’t sufficient for lasting bonds.

This book emphasizes practical strategies for navigating challenges and fostering relationship resilience. Whether currently in a relationship or seeking one in the future, this guide offers valuable insights for sustaining fulfilling connections.

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8 reviews for Team Building for Couples

  1. Josephine Teo

    “You mentioned in the book that the aim is to provide a solid and proven platform to help couples to build a less quarrelsome relationship. Congrats! You made it! This book is a good read. From a reader’s point of view, I understand the whole works. You have described in detail, and this is easy to relate to. When I was reading it, I took the opportunity to reflect on my past relationships and these concepts made sense to me.”

  2. Frankie Teo

    “You have provided amazing insights as to what makes and breaks a relationship. I wished it was available 10 years ago. This could have saved my marriage.”

  3. Josephine Thomas

    “Filled with much honesty and I’m sure everyone who reads it will be blessed, like with your previous book, applying the fundamental rules in any relationship.”

  4. Peter Lim

    “I wished I had discovered this earlier. Could have saved me many nights of heartaches and sleepless nights.”

  5. Prince Raj

    “Highly recommended. A ‘must-read’.

    A fascinating book on the relationship and how to carefully solve it from day one. This book helps couples address psychologically many inherent & underlying issues that come forth from their disagreements. An excellent approach to lower down conflicts by understanding each other’s styles and behavior.

    This book can help a lot of people who are in search of a way to resolve their conflicts amicably.”

  6. Richard Ow

    “This book is a wonderful creation! Enlightening and effectively helping couples build strong and lasting relationships. Anecdotes are engaging and easy to relate to. No other books on marriage counselling have shared such wisdom to maintain and sustain relationships between married couples!”

  7. Annabelle Ong

    “Firstly, I wanted to say great job in the book! It is very relevant and applicable to my current relationship of 2+ years.

    After reading the book, I was quite intrigued by the various concepts that were covered, and am very motivated to discuss them with my boyfriend. My eyes have been opened to other ways I can use to make my relationship better, ways that no one has shared with me before. The anecdotes used throughout the book were very clear, and it was easy to relate them to my past experiences.

    Lastly, thank you for sharing your book with me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)”

  8. Daisy Toh

    “Maintaining a successful relationship isn’t a game of chance. As you have rightly pointed out, the love chemistry fizzles out over time and we are left to our own. Most of us grapple with our relationship using others or our parents as models. What a big mistake! The Relationship Effectiveness Quotient is truly the blueprint for maintaining and sustaining the relationship between two people. This framework will serve well for those who are genuine.”

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