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Case Study: Kelly’s Journey with Emo7ions for Self-Assessment of Mental Health

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Kelly is a 38-year-old professional who has been experiencing significant challenges to her mental wellness due to work-related stressors. This case study explores her experiences with Emo7ions, a facial expressions recognition platform used for self-assessment of mental health. Kelly’s mental wellness journey, her therapy sessions, and her interactions with Eleos Sensors are discussed in detail.

Kelly, as how a psychologist or a therapist would see her.

“It appears that I can give off an appearance of everything being fine, but really that may not be the case.”

Kelly’s mental health challenge is primarily linked to her work environment. She was recently moved to a different building within her organization, which resulted in increased workload without a corresponding increase in pay. Moreover, the responsibility of training new staff members added to her stress. The current state of her mental health is a significant cause for concern, as she is seriously contemplating her future in her current career, expressing doubts about whether she can continue under such circumstances.

Same recording of Kelly processed with Emo7ions Facial Expression and Speech-to-text analysis. It allows you to identify outlier emotions such as Anger, Fear that are tagged to some of the words used. *Best viewed with Google Chrome

Results of the Emotions tied to text are identified in the speech-to-text recognition.

Overview emotions based on the recordings

Kelly is currently undergoing therapy to address her mental health challenges. She has had four sessions with her therapist since she requested a sabbatical due to her deteriorating mental health. Kelly’s initial impression of therapy is that it seems to be in the early stages, and she doesn’t feel she is getting much out of it, apart from her therapist validating her feelings. She is contemplating whether she should explore other avenues such as career counseling.

Kelly’s experience with Emo7ions provided her with a unique opportunity to talk about her concerns with a third party, albeit in a digital format. While she appreciated the platform’s ability to serve as a sounding board, she believes it cannot replace face-to-face therapy. A couple of questions prompted her to think more deeply about how her anxiety manifests physically.

The Emo7ions platform provided Kelly with insights into her ability to mask her emotional state. She realized that despite her internal struggles, she often gives off the appearance of being fine, which may be influenced by the demands of her job where she needs to maintain a facade for students and staff. Her videos showed mixed messages, highlighting the complexity of emotional expression, particularly for individuals in a depressive state who often hide their true feelings.

Overview of Kelly’s emotions based on the specific question

Overview of Kelly’s emotions

Kelly suggested that the platform should consider refining certain aspects, such as the ability to skip through some of the questions. Despite this minor issue, she commended the idea of any platform that encourages people to discuss their sources of stress, anxiety, and tension. Kelly expressed her willingness to recommend the Emo7ions platform to friends and colleagues.

Kelly’s experience with Emo7ions provided her with a valuable opportunity to reflect on her emotional state and how it is influenced by her work environment. While she acknowledged the limitations of a digital platform compared to traditional therapy, she appreciated the chance to express her thoughts and emotions. Kelly’s journey highlights the potential benefits of incorporating technology like Emo7ions into mental health self-assessment and management, particularly in contexts where individuals may face difficulties in accessing traditional mental health services.

Introduction to Emo7ions Facial Expression Recognition

Emo7ions Facial Expression Recognition is a groundbreaking technology that forms an integral part of the new product offering by IDENTI3 Profiling. This innovative technology is designed to revolutionize the field of mental health and emotional well-being assessment by providing an advanced tool for analyzing and understanding individuals’ emotional states through their facial expressions.

Emo7ions complements IDENTI3 Profiling’s existing psychometric products by adding a powerful dimension to the assessment process. While traditional psychometrics primarily rely on self-reporting and questionnaires, Emo7ions harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence and facial expression analysis to offer a deeper and more objective insight into individuals’ emotional and mental states.

By integrating Emo7ions Facial Expression Recognition into its product lineup, IDENTI3 Profiling aims to provide a holistic approach to understanding human behavior and emotions. This new technology enhances the accuracy and comprehensiveness of assessments, making it a valuable addition to the tools available for both personal and professional development, as well as mental health and well-being support.

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