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I wished someone told me this when I was 21…

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On Wednesday, I found myself conducting self-discovery training for a group of twenty-one-year-olds, a resource I wish I had at their age. The visionary leadership of the client’s organization pioneers personal development, evident in their commitment to training.

As I engaged with twenty-six eager eyes, using IDENTI3 profiling, I revealed facets of their personalities they hadn’t considered. Witnessing their realization of the benefits for personal, emotional, and mental development was gratifying. Feedback forms reflected significant improvements, with understanding of self soaring from 40% to 90%.

I emphasized the importance of self-awareness, underscoring its positive impact on personal performance, mental health, and relationships. Reflecting in the spacious theater with social distancing, memories of my own uncertain twenties flooded back.

Standing before the group, I shared my journey, confessing to feeling clueless and directionless at their age. While peers flourished, I lacked a sense of purpose. Today, I assured them that everything turned out alright over the past two decades.

Addressing the learners, I expressed a wish for guidance during my youth, understanding my personality, decision-making processes, blind spots, fears, procrastinations, goals, and their achievability. I assured them that I now hold answers for them.

In a moment of sincerity, I revealed, “I wished someone had told me at twenty-one so that I didn’t have to live anxiously about the future. Today, I have some answers for you. Most importantly, everything is going to be alright.”

“You may not know this yet but everything is going to be alright!”

– Jace Tan

The impact was visible – shoulders relaxed, smiles emerged, and a sense of relief permeated the room. As a coach and trainer, witnessing this transformation remains one of my most rewarding experiences.

To those not in my class but reading this, I want to convey the same message: “You may not know this yet, but everything is going to be alright!”

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