3 coaching qns to ask yourself about your life satisfaction (3 Qns)

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Discover a profound understanding of your life satisfaction with our thoughtfully crafted questionnaire. Explore key areas such as relationships, personal growth, and well-being. Uncover insights to enhance your overall life experience and pave the way for a more content and fulfilling future.

With cutting-edge A.I technology, this guided session allows you to assess your spoken words and facial expressions, providing invaluable insights for self-evaluation.

This module consists of 3 out of the 10 carefully crafted questions, replicating a real coaching scenario. Simply record up to 5 minutes of video per question, and our advanced system will accurately analyze your emotional state, providing you with comprehensive feedback.

Uncover what is working for you and identify areas for improvement. Elevate your life satisfaction with our comprehensive questionnaire. Empowering you to make informed decisions and embrace positive changes that lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life journey.

The following are the questions that your Digital Therapist will ask you:

Q Description
1 Hi there, thank you for your time today. Let’s get to know you. 

If financial considerations were not a factor, how would you consider your ideal dream life?

2 Take a moment to think about this: Have you asked yourself your top values and priorities?
3 What stirs your deepest passions? Describe the type of work that resonates with you. Do these aspirations align harmoniously?


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