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Introducing our groundbreaking online facial expression recognition product!

Say goodbye to misinterpretations and miscommunications. This innovative tool combines advanced speech analysis with real-time facial expression tracking to provide accurate assessments of your spoken words and non-verbal cues.

Experience it firsthand by engaging in a thought-provoking conversation of your choice. Whether you’re discussing your favorite book, sharing an opinion on current affairs, or venting about your day, our product will analyze your words and capture your facial expressions to provide invaluable insights into your emotions and intentions.

Try it now and unlock a new level of understanding in your conversations. Record up to 5 minutes and let the power of technology reveal the true meaning behind your words.

The following is the question that your Digital Therapist will ask you:

Q Description
1 Hello there, I am your digital therapist here to help you.  

Feel free to say anything you’d like to discuss.

I will just listen and observe. 



  • After purchasing the product and making the payment, please allow a maximum of 12 hours for your order to be processed. In many cases, we are able to respond to you earlier, once we have verified your payment.
  • Our administration will send you an email with instructions on how to access the questionnaire. Please look out for this email. You may want to check your SPAM box.
  • Please note that your purchase is only valid for a single attempt.
  • Please use Google Chrome to access the questionnaire.
  • Please note that wearing spectacles or face masks will affect the accuracy of results.
  • It is important to speak clearly and audibly for the speech-to-text recognition to work.
  • Upon completing the questionnaire, it may take 2 to 24 hours for your video results to be processed.
  • If you require any assistance, please contact us with the form on the website.

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