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Uncovering Hidden Anger: How Emo-7ions Help Alanna C.

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It did recognize my mood. I was angry but I’m surprised it picked that up because I wasn’t trying to show it

Alanna C. Respondent

Living with Major Depressive Disorder and General Anxiety can be an exhausting and lonely journey. Alanna, a 27-year-old who has been battling these mental health challenges for most of her life, understands this all too well.

Her struggle with mental health traces back to her early childhood, where she spent her first five years in an orphanage, a period that profoundly impacted her emotional and psychological well-being.

Her adolescence in America, while devoid of physical abuse, was still marked by an overwhelming sense of not fitting in, leading to profound emotional turmoil.

Alanna’s journey with mental health took a particularly dark turn when she reached her teenage years. Her depression became so severe that her parents were often uncertain of what they would come home to. The fear of self-harm weighed heavily on her family, and Alanna’s inconsistent medication intake did little to alleviate their concerns. Even after high school, Alanna’s path remained rocky, as she transitioned from one group home to another, struggling to find stability.

Throughout her tumultuous journey, Alanna diligently sought help through traditional therapy. However, these sessions were not without their drawbacks. The time limitations of 45-minute therapy sessions often left her feeling that she hadn’t had enough time to fully explore her emotions and challenges. Additionally, finding available time slots with therapists who had already busy schedules was often a frustrating experience.

In her quest to find better tools to manage her mental health, Alanna discovered Emo-7ions, a novel technology designed to monitor and analyze emotions. To Alanna’s surprise, her experience with Emo-7ions was more straightforward than she had expected.

Click the video and watch Alanna’s original answer without Emo-7ions Processing. See if you can spot her emotions?

Emo7ions work by asking individuals a series of direct questions, encouraging them to express their feelings verbally. In Alanna’s case, the process was refreshingly uncomplicated. It quickly became apparent that the technology was adept at recognizing her emotions, even when she wasn’t consciously trying to express them.

One key emotion that the Emo7ions uncovered was anger. Alanna was taken aback by this discovery, as she hadn’t been overtly demonstrating her anger at the time. This revelation was significant, as it highlighted an underlying issue that she had not fully acknowledged, even after years of therapy.

Click the video and watch Alanna’s answer with Emo-7ions Processing and speech-to-text

The ability of Emo-7ions to uncover hidden anger represents a transformative step in Alanna’s mental health journey. While traditional therapy sessions had their limitations, Emo-7ions offered a fresh perspective on her emotional state. With this newfound insight, Alanna could work with her therapists more effectively, addressing the root causes of her anger and finding healthier ways to cope.

Alanna’s speech-to-text color-coded with her emotions

Display of Alanna’s overall emotions

The Emo-7ions experience marked an exciting turning point for Alanna. She realized that this technology could complement her ongoing therapy sessions, providing her with a more comprehensive understanding of her emotional well-being. In her continued journey toward mental health stability, Alanna now has another tool to help her navigate the intricate landscape of her emotions.

As Alanna moves forward, she is more hopeful than ever, knowing that Emo-7ions has the potential to unlock hidden emotions and provide a deeper understanding of her mental health challenges. This newfound awareness offers her the opportunity to work toward a brighter and more emotionally balanced future. While her journey is far from perfect, the combination of traditional therapy and cutting-edge technology like Emo-7ions has the potential to bring her closer to healing and self-discovery.

Introduction to Emo7ions Facial Expression Recognition

Emo-7ions Facial Expression Recognition is a groundbreaking technology that forms an integral part of the new product offering by IDENTI3 Profiling. This innovative technology is designed to revolutionize the field of mental health and emotional well-being assessment by providing an advanced tool for analyzing and understanding individuals’ emotional states through their facial expressions.

Emo-7ions complements IDENTI3 Profiling’s existing psychometric products by adding a powerful dimension to the assessment process. While traditional psychometrics primarily rely on self-reporting and questionnaires, Emo-7ions harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence and facial expression analysis to offer a deeper and more objective insight into individuals’ emotional and mental states.

By integrating Emo-7ions Facial Expression Recognition into its product lineup, IDENTI3 Profiling aims to provide a holistic approach to understanding human behavior and emotions. This new technology enhances the accuracy and comprehensiveness of assessments, making it a valuable addition to the tools available for both personal and professional development, as well as mental health and well-being support.

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