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Understanding our Status Trait, one of our 16 traits

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Status, as a personality trait, refers to an individual’s tendency to seek recognition, strive for impressiveness, and be conscious of their rank or position in social hierarchies. This trait is one of the many dimensions that make up an individual’s unique personality profile, influencing their behaviors, motivations, and interactions with others.

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Individuals with high scores in Status

People with high Status traits have a strong desire to be acknowledged and admired for their accomplishments. They often seek validation from others and find satisfaction in receiving praise, awards, and recognition.

Individuals high in Status are likely to engage in behaviors aimed at creating positive impressions on others. They may carefully curate their image, dress, and behavior to project a successful and impressive persona.

Those with high Status traits are attuned to social hierarchies and may place importance on their position within those hierarchies. They may be more likely to consider their job titles, accomplishments, and affiliations as indicators of their worth and success.

People with a high Status trait often strive for excellence and outstanding results in their endeavors. They are motivated by the pursuit of success, prestige, and influence, which can drive them to work hard and set ambitious goals.

Individuals with low scores in Status

Individuals low in Status are less concerned about receiving public acknowledgment and may derive satisfaction from intrinsic rewards, such as personal growth, mastery, or the sense of doing what’s right.

Those with low Status traits tend to be less influenced by the social hierarchy and may not place as much importance on their rank or position. They are more likely to collaborate with others based on shared values and ideas rather than based on social status.

People low in Status are often motivated by their internal sense of what is morally right or just. They prioritize principles and ethical considerations over gaining recognition or climbing social ladders.

Individuals low in Status may be more willing to challenge authority and question traditional structures if they believe there are better alternatives. They are less swayed by external pressures to conform or impress others.

Understanding Status as a personality trait can provide insights into how people perceive their role in social settings, how they respond to success and recognition, and how they prioritize their actions based on personal values versus societal expectations.

What is your score for Status? How does it impact you, your work and your relations with people? Try it now.

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