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Understanding our Exposition Traits, one of our 16 IDENTI3 traits

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The Exposition trait in IDENTI3 personality profiling refers to a set of characteristics related to how individuals express themselves and communicate their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. 

This trait contains three dimensions: Speaking, Writing, and Psychomotor abilities (such as sports). People can excel in one, two, or all three of these dimensions, which influences their overall Exposition score.

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Individuals who excel in the Speaking dimension of Exposition are comfortable and confident when expressing themselves verbally. They are likely to prefer speaking up in various situations and may even enjoy presenting their ideas to others.

Such individuals may actively participate in discussions, debates, and conversations. They feel at ease sharing their thoughts and opinions with others and may find it uncomfortable when circumstances prevent them from voicing their mind.

This dimension focuses on how well individuals can convey their thoughts and ideas through writing. People who score high in the Writing dimension are skilled at expressing themselves through the written word. They might excel in activities like writing essays, reports, articles, or even creative pieces. They find it natural to communicate effectively through writing and might prefer written communication over verbal exchanges.

This dimension is a bit different from the other two, as it assesses an individual’s ability to express themselves through physical activities, particularly sports or other psychomotor skills. People who have a high score in this dimension might find it easier to communicate and express themselves through actions, physical performance, and non-verbal expressions.

Individuals with high Exposition scores tend to be outgoing and confident in expressing themselves. They may feel uncomfortable in situations where they are unable to share their thoughts openly. They might also exhibit a tendency to “think aloud,” which means they often voice their thoughts and ideas as they come to mind.

On the other hand, individuals with low Exposition scores are more reserved and selective in their communication. They are less likely to openly share their thoughts and opinions unless they perceive a genuine need to do so. These individuals might seem normal or unremarkable in social interactions, but they choose to articulate themselves on a “need-to” basis.

They are comfortable with silence and might not feel the same level of discomfort when they are unable to express themselves openly.

It’s important to note that individuals can vary significantly within this trait, and a person’s Exposition score doesn’t determine their overall personality. Different situations, contexts, and other traits (such as Sociability, Leadership, Affection) can mask an individual’s behavior, even if their overall Exposition score is high or low. 

What is your score for Exposition? How does it impact you, your work and your relations with people? Remember to take the test!

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