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Understanding our Organization trait, one of our 16 IDENTI3 traits

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The Organization trait is one of the dimensions often used to describe and understand individual differences in personality. It reflects the extent to which a person prefers order, structure, and planning in their life versus being more spontaneous, flexible, and adaptable. People who score high on the Organization trait tend to value organization, predictability, and systematic approaches, while those who score low prefer a more unstructured and spontaneous way of living.

Individuals who possess high levels of the Organization trait tend to exhibit certain characteristics and behaviors (Click to find out more):

They are more likely to keep their surroundings neat and organized. They enjoy having systems and routines in place to help them manage their tasks and responsibilities.

They often have a tendency to plan ahead and create schedules. They are more comfortable when they can anticipate what’s coming next and prefer having a clear roadmap for their activities.

People high in organization often pay attention to details. They’re more likely to notice small discrepancies and prefer tasks that require precision and accuracy.

They feel more comfortable when things go according to plan. Unexpected changes or disruptions might cause them stress or discomfort.

On the other hand, individuals who score low on the Organization trait may exhibit these traits (Click on the following to find out more):

They enjoy being open to new experiences and are comfortable adapting to changes as they occur. They might find rigid structures and routines stifling.

They are more adaptable and may have an easier time navigating unexpected situations. They can shift their plans and activities without much stress.

Their preference for spontaneity can lead to creative thinking and innovative approaches, as they are less bound by established patterns.

People low in organization can tolerate a certain degree of messiness and chaos in their surroundings. They might not feel as compelled to tidy up as often as those high in organization.

It’s important to note that the Organization trait is closely related to the Flexibility trait. While Organization primarily deals with one’s preference for order and structure, Flexibility is more about how well one can adapt to change, whether planned or unexpected. However, it’s possible for someone to be high in both Organization and Flexibility if they can strike a balance between maintaining structure while also being open to change.

In summary, the Organization trait is an essential aspect of personality that influences how individuals approach order, planning, and structure in their lives. It interacts with other traits to form a unique personality profile for each person, contributing to their behaviors, preferences, and responses in various situations.

What is your score for Organization? How does it impact you, your work and your relations with people? Remember to take the test.

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